What is a Twin Ray VS Twin Flame?

Twin Ray VS Twin Flame. 

Twin Ray's are not the same as Twin Flames, but similar. Twin Ray's are less common. 

Twin rays are actually from a small forgotten Blue Ray Group and can be from the Pleiadian star group or Arcturis star group. 

The difference is that Twin Ray's are actually a hierarchy.

Twin Ray's are 2 fragments from the same source of 1 consciousness from Galactic source who decides to split fragments to a place at the same time or close together in time and then meet to have an interaction together. When these 2 fragments come together they  become very powerful force.


They are at the same base wave length and become a much brighter light together.

 They will shine much brighter when they become together. 

Twin Ray's are meant to be together and on purpose for ascension, raising the vibration of the planet.

There are 7 ray's. 

These Twin Ray's come together to become an anchor to increase the light and spread it impacting the other consciousness as they move around.

When the Twin Ray's mission is over we either go back home to our galactic planet (Arcturis) or move onto another mission.

There is much more to say on this subject, but very little information. I did receive information from the Arcturis Councel on this and a small portion of the YT search.

There are many misconceptions of what a Twin Flame is & is not. 

​Please keep in mind Twin Flames are not gender specific.

Have you ever felt upon meeting someone that you knew them, but it's more than just that initial meeting. It's not even about romance or sex or physical attraction.

It's much deeper than this. It's about a connection that initially is unexplained. It's about a magnetic pull within your heart, physical body and soul. It's actually magical. Twin Flames most often incarnate in the same lifetime at different times bearing an age difference. TF connection is most often for a higher purpose as well.

It can actually be quite painful when apart and even together. But, at the same time you feel at home with this person. That feeling of home is actually because this person is a part of you. They are you and vice versa. You can be hundreds of miles away from your twin and still feel their energy. Twin Flames are more powerful than any thing imaginable. You will always feel this energy even before meeting them. You will always feel before knowing you have one is a piece of you missing. You will have that feeling of having a twin you do not know about. It is an innate feeling.

It's not an easy relationship, unless both have already done inner spiritual work and then it may still not be easy at times.

It's a spiritual connection meant to help each other evolve spiritually. 

However, I believe that if both remain on their spiritual path, this connection can be the most amazing, beautiful, satisfying journey in a human life experience.

You may be aware a certain person is your twin flame, but the counterpart may not. This is the challenge. The challenge because if they are not spiritually awake, they mistake you for being crazy, obsessed or something else. 

Maybe the person aware has already evolved on a much higher spiritual level. Also, maybe the other unknowing twin has been doing spiritual work on their own journey in preparation for coming together with their counterpart.

Twin flames can & will meet at the most obscure places and ways that you can never imagine. Most often the twins have already been in karmic relationships to prepare them for their meeting.

Also, twins activate psychic abilities within themselves and their counterpart. 

Twins can never be separated even when they break up and part ways because they share the same substance.

They are one soul divided in half in different bodies on different journeys. But, they share the same vibration. They mirror one another.

They are joined telepathically. Even when apart they know what each other is thinking, feeling.

They can even connect to them emotionally from a far distance. 

Twin flames are truly fascinating. 

to be continued.